18th C. Dutch Fire Screen

A beautifully carved mahogany fire screen dating to the mid 18th century. It has the original woven tapestry in excellent condition.


One foot has become detached after a previous repair failed.


Closer inspection reveals why the old repair failed. A dowel was inserted into the broken tenon, never a good solution.


The corresponding mortice with broken section of tenon and dowel still in place.


A slot is cut into the joint of the leg which will receive the new tenon.


An oversize block is inserted into the slot prepared for it. It will be cut back to fit the mortice.


The tenon is slightly angled, a dovetail really, and slides into the corresponding angled mortice, creating a tight fit that will not come apart.

The repaired leg is glued into place. Shaped blocks are used to provide a square surface for the clamps and to prevent the carved surface from becoming marred.


Losses around the joint are filled with mahogany and carved to match the surrounding surface. Later they will be colored and finished to match.

The completed piece. The repaired leg is on the right.

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